Annual Report 2016

  • Refresco delivers on strategic initiatives
  • 6.5 billion liters of soft drinks and juices
  • Gross profit margin per liter stable at 14.2 euro cents
  • Net profit increased to EUR 81.5 million
  • First step into North America with the acquisition of Whitlock Packaging

Aart Duijzer, 
Chief Financial Officer 

Hans Roelofs, 
Chief Executive Officer


Refresco at a glance


* Gross profit margin per liter, adjusted EBITDA and ROCE are not measures of our financial performance under IFRS, see more information in the Glossary and forward looking statements. Reconciliation of operating profit to adjusted EBITDA is presented in the Financial performance 2016.

Who we are, what we do

We are an independent bottler of soft drinks and fruit juices for retailers and A-brands in Europe and the US.

Our unique production platform covers 29 manufacturing sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Finland, the UK and the US providing customers close proximity and reliable service across geographies. Our global sourcing and local innovation capabilities offer an almost unlimited variety of soft drinks, fruit juices and other beverages, manufactured to individual customer specifications and requirements.


16 Years of accelerated growth

(volume in millions of liters)

Winning business model combining Private Label and Co-Packing

Manufacturing footprint

Volume by region

(6,462.3 million liters; 2015: 6,095.5 million liters)

Revenue by region

(2,107.4 million euros; 2015: 2,016.4 million euros)

*    Including Poland and Finland. 
**    The US is consolidated to the Group results as of September 7, 2016. 

Complete customer offering of soft drinks and juices in key markets

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Happy People

  • Health and safety
  • Great place to work

  • Contribute to communities

We want our employees to feel safe and secure in their work, enjoy working together and respect each other’s individuality. We invest in training and development so that our employees are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to do the job and feel supported and fulfilled in their efforts to reach their full potential.

Being proud of what we do and who we work for, we seek opportunities to be a good local citizen in every market that we operate.

Happy Planet

  • Sustainable packaging
  • Natural resources

  • Waste
  • Transport

We believe the environment is key to safeguarding our and our customers’ and suppliers’ future operations and collectively we are focused on minimizing our impact on the environment.

This requires us to maximize sustainability throughout our production process from water and energy through to packaging, transportation and recycling of our waste.

Happy Products

  • Food safety
  • Sustainable sourcing

  • Healthy nutrition / innovation

We deliver the highest quality and constantly improve the sustainability of the drinks we manufacture for our customers. In collaboration with our customers, we champion innovation to enhance our product range.

Our drinks on every table

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